Monday, April 30, 2012

day 17 – barcelona, spain

This marks the end of the first leg of this cruise.  Most of the people I have met will be heading off to their various countries today.

Me?  I am not certain.  Well, I am certain I am not flying today.  But I do not know what I will do in Barcelona.

Barcelona is one of my favorite cities.  I have even considered placing it on the “possible places to spend some retirement” list.

Walking into town is not an option.  It is too far. And getting a taxi will be problematic with the number of people disembarking.

I may be forced to bite the proverbial bullet and take another bus excursion.  Or I could see the Picasso Museum.

Whatever I do, I will need to get my luggage to my new cabin.  And, at 10 PM we will be on our way to Egypt, Jordan, and Dubai.

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