Tuesday, April 10, 2012

thrill in the grass

I usually do not post twice in one day.  But I thought this little tale may be worth breaking that rule.

Tomorrow is my flight for New Orleans.  I should be packing.  But I keep coming up with excuses to keep me from filling my suit case.  (I will let you come up with your own pop psychology on that one.)

A few minutes ago, I decided to do my nightly leaf cutter ant patrol.  We have had a few invasions from the walkway around the laguna, so out I went and discovered a huge line.  While setting out the poison, I noticed the large crocodile was back in the pond.  It has been awhile since I have seen him.

But I needed to get back to the house.  I was following the ant trail next to the curb, when I came within inches of -- the small crocodile.

I trotted into the house to get my camera and took this photograph from a more respectful distance.  There are only so many things I will do for you, dear readers.
She was up on the bank.  For who knows what purpose.  Getting away from the big crocodile?  Laying eggs?  Hunting for unwary humans?

What I do know is that I walked past her twice within easy snapping distance.  With no response.

Ever since I saw her on the walkway in the daylight (harvey the croc), I have been a bit wary of walking around at night.  I guess I need to be a bit more wary.

Especially since I will soon be in Louisiana alligator country.


DJ said...

WOW! No crocodiles were I am in Michoacan but I'm sure there are plenty by the coast. I'd be scared if I came across that. New reader here, your blog looks really cool. I'm interested to see how other expats are doing in Mexico.

John Calypso said...

Keeping up with the Leaf Cutters is a continuing effort here about. Very destructive army they are; and very well organized. 

Have a safe trip amigo.

Andean said...

No surprise to me I have seen them on the andador.
Safe trip and enjoy!

sparks said...

Not sure how fast those things grow but wonder if that's one that we moved from Bill's yard to the lagoon after a mom laid her eggs there.   I doubt it would remember me and my good deed

Babsofsanmiguel said...

And while you are gone the cutter ants will have a field day.  They are in a frenzy now to get all their food below ground before the rains come......which I hope is soon - well I know, a couple of months yet.

Steve Cotton said...

They are certainly in harvest mode right now.

Steve Cotton said...

It is going to be a great trip. And I hope your return trip is safe, as well.

Steve Cotton said...

Welcome on board the comment boat. It is always nice to see new readers -- and commenters.

Steve Cotton said...

It is funny you mention that, Sparks.  I was wondering if this was part of your hatch.  But I am certain their brains are even less gracious than a politician's.

Steve Cotton said...

 If they did not destroy my garden, I would be in awe of them.  They are quite an efficient biological entity.