Saturday, May 19, 2012

sequins on ice

Before I introduce you to my favorite performers on board,  I need to mention another entertainment group.

The ice show.

When the Voyager of the Seas was launched in 1999, one of its premier attracrions was its ice rink.  That may bot sound like such a big deal.  After all, cruise ships have installed a lot of venues that are even more exotic than that for sea life.

That observation ignores a basic fact, though.  The big cruise ships are related far more to California shopping malls than to Titanic.  My friend Roy accurately calls them resort hotels on barges.

But that does not diminish the surprise at seeing passengers skating for recreation on the rink -- even during choppy seas.
The rink has its recreational purposes.  But its biggest draw is the ice show.

I have never quite understood the draw of ice shows on land. The one on board has all of the elements. Pretty costumes. Attractive skaters with plastered-on smiles. Athletic and aesthetic.

They then perform a show that would be respectable enough on land.  Except the rink is a postage stamp compared to regulation rinks.  Add in the constant sway of the ship at sea, and even I am amazed at their skills.

My fellow passengers did not seem to share my indifference to the general art form.  They flocked to the show.  Even though they had tickets, they started lining up an hour before show time to get the best seats.

Where they will hoot and clap for every maneuver.  Inevitably awarding the cast with a standing ovation -- that may or may not be deserved.  But they certainly enjoyed the show.

What I truly appreciate is that the full cast gives their all with each performance.  Skating their way into the hearts of the audience.

And, I must confess, mine, as well.


John Calypso said...

I look at he duo in red outfits - wondering how the female got back to vertical - good photo hombre

Steve Cotton said...

 It was quite an act.  I suspect people like ice shows because of the circus relationship.  And, on that level, they can be fun.