Wednesday, September 05, 2012

signs of the time

Some people spend their time looking for signs to direct their lives.

I spend my time looking for signs to get a good chuckle.

This sign, for example, is nailed to the front of a house in a suburb of Morelia.  It has everything you need to learn about the house.

It is for sale.  And you can get information by telephone or by showing up at a local address.

And contact --
Raúl Castro?

I knew he was attempting to shoe horn a bit of the free market into his dictatorial command economy.  But with real estate in Mexico?

Of course, posting the Castro name on this particular property may say just a bit too much about the state of a certain island in the Caribbean.


Beth said...

How do you know his name is not really Raul Castro?

Steve Cotton said...

And not Fidel?

John Calypso said...

Looks like narrow accommodations.We had a 'Fidel' governor here in Veracruz (in the past). He seemed to really play off the name - signs reading FIDEL and little else. I would suspect Raul Castro is a pretty common name - just not to us gringos ;-)

Steve Cotton said...

But where is the blog fun in evidence-based facts?

Steve Cotton said...

But where we would we be without material like this?