Monday, September 03, 2012

sunday in the street with steve

It is 9 AM.  The avenue is Francisco I. Madero.  The main street through Morelia.  The capital of Michoacán.

I would understand if, based on that information, you thought it was a set from On the Beach.

But you are missing one important fact.  It is 9 AM on Sunday.

Morelia cannot let the residents of Mexico City have all of the fun.  When Gary Denness of The Mexile was still in Mexico City, he told us about the city closing some of the streets in its historic center on Sundays.

So does Morelia.  And for the same reason.  Runners.  Walkers.  Bicyclists.  Skaters.  Zumba dancers.  Families.  Dogs.

What would otherwise be a traffic-choked street turns into a pedestrian mall.

Not a very busy mall, though, when I snapped that photograph at the top of this post. 

But let me repeat -- it is 9 on a Mexican Sunday morning.  Not even the Baptists had yet crept into their pews.

After leisurely strolling down the street, we stopped for an open air breakfast where we watched local artists setting up their paintings in a small park centered on a fountain.  With a little accordion music, I could have been sharing coffee with Edith Piaf in Paris.

When we started our return trek, Morelia was starting to shake off the wages of Saturday night.  You could see the colors starting to come together.

In fact, you could even have your photograph taken with the Tecate man.

So what is Steve's moral based on this fine morning outing?

Let me answer with the other Stephen's lyrics:  "Morals tomorrow.  Comedy tonight."



Felipe Zapata said...

You were out and about at 9 a.m.? Yipes!

Steve Cotton said...

Just another example of what the mountain air will do for me.

Nita said...

Your photos and your comments are priceless!

Gary Denness said...

Shutting down the Centro for a bit of social fun and fitness is a great idea. Every town and city should do it. 

But tell me Steve, did you take part in all that healthy living, or just watch?! :)

I miss the DF Ciclothon. I look forward to returning and getting a few laps of Reforma in...

Andean said...

At least the zumba should have been a part, really, knowing the love of music and dance....:)

Steve Cotton said...

Thank you very much.  It was a very interesting day.

Steve Cotton said...

I did get some exercise.  We walked a couple of miles that day.  Not as far as I walked to day, though.

Steve Cotton said...

Zumba is for watching.

Andean said...

Haven't had the pleasure of Zumba yet, not a stranger to dance. Many people here do it as an exercise. Sounds like fun to me.