Saturday, December 15, 2012

sand in my pieta

Two years ago, Melaque decided it was time for our village to have its own festival.  After all, why should those Mexican highlanders in San Miguel de Allende and Morelia have all the fun?

And all of the tourist money.

The thinking was simple.  How can the area draw more tourists to Melaque before the Christmas season kicks in.  The same problem faced by every tourist destination from Las Vegas to Disneyland.  Feet on the ground in early December are rare.

Thus was born the Festival del Mar.  With its debut in 2010. 

You may recall I gave it a good review in sands stand still.  Most of the entertainment was superb.  Along with all of the diversions you could expect at the beach.

I missed the 2011 festival.  I was in The States kowtowing to the Red Chinese Consul to get a visa.  But I heard the festival was a success.

On Thursday, the 2012 edition kicked off with a dance team who obviously had spent more time on their costumes than on their choreography.  But they were cute.  And that was why they were there.

To keep this lot interested.

I had not expected to see a dance team.  Though they were a pleasant surprise.

The purpose for this rare venture to the beach was to see the sand sculpture contest.  If you click on the 2010 link, you will see what I was expecting.  The type of sand sculptures that populate the Puerto Vallarta beaches.  Where an artist takes on a monumental task in the hopes that a few pesos will come his way.

Well, that was not what was on offer on the Melaque beach.  To be kind, most of the entries were in the "I put the u in amateur" category.

Such as this pick up.  I give points for the clever recycling of water bottles for side mirrors.  But its artistic skills scream "I have a shovel and a pail, but not much more."

And the Maya should be glad the contractors of this piece did not get the contract for Chichen Itza.

But some pieces were wittily-conceived and well-executed.  Such as this piece.  You can almost hear the trio reciting: "Double, double, toil and trouble."

Or this classic moon-sun icon -- with its eerie Jackie Kennedy touches.  Probably best viewed as if it was part of Peruvian Nazca Lines.

How about this rendition of a Volkswagen Beetle?  Air freshener included.  No additional charge.

But, for personal reasons, this was my favorite.  Put it down to my Simpsons fandom.  Shovelfuls of sand.  A bucket of wit.  And just a dash of irony.  Homer at the beach.

I do not know who won the contest.  But it certainly put me into a good state of mind to enjoy what will be coming during the next week.

And I will gladly share it with you.



John Calypso said...

Gotta love the 'couch potato'. It just screams the beauty of retirement. ;-)

sparks said...

Thanks Steve. We didn't get there until 4 and almost everything was dried out and/or destroyed

Steve Cotton said...

That may be why Iiked it so much.

Steve Cotton said...

It was a fun afternoon. And a few of the sculptures were quite clever.

Elke L Gazvoda said...

Homer on the Beach won first, the suntanning couple second and the VW third.

Steve Cotton said...

Thanks, Elke. I did not have a good shot of the sunbathing couple -- or I would have included it.

Now -- we know the rest of the story.

Shannon Casey said...

Fun! Looking forward to seeing more. Although I am not a Simpsons fan, I do love the Homer sculpture.

Steve Cotton said...

I remember. Todd and I should be having that conversation.