Sunday, December 09, 2012

south as a goose

I feel like one of the long line of Union generals who failed to carry out President Lincoln's military plans.

A month ago I came north to get my house ready to put on the market.  If you have been following my posts, you know I have been busy. 

But not busy enough. The house is still not on the market.

I would still be sorting my worldly goods in Salem, but I have a couple of projects that need tending in Melaque.  So, here I sit in the Portland airport waiting for my flight to Manzanillo.

For some reason, I was whisked through security this morning.  Avoiding a huge line that snaked down the concourse -- and then bypassing the prying eyes of the "show us your Larks" machine. 

Whatever the reason, from the time my shuttle pulled up to the front of the airport to the time I checked my bags and made my quick run through security, only fifteen minutes had elapsed.  That may be a record for me.

Not that it will do me much good.  My flight to Los Angeles does not board for another two hours.  Just enough time to enjoy a heavy German breakfast at Gustav's.

The weather here is a pleasant shirt sleeve 43 -- on its way to 87 in Melaque.  I confess I will miss these refreshing mornings in Oregon.

But I will not miss them for long.  I will be back here on 26 December.  To take up my unfinished task.



John Calypso said...

"Don't try that Lark thing in the Bowery; those guys will show you their Larks, man." George Carlin

The memories....

Andean said...

Portland's airport is close to the size of Manzanillio's.
Tell me about the LA experience? Never traveled that route.

Steve Cotton said...

I assume you are joking. The Portland airport is multiple times larger than Manzanillo. Even though it is a very easy airport to use.

I have always enjoyed the Los Angeles airport. There are plenty of services. And Alaska's Board Rooms are always a nice experience.

Steve Cotton said...

What is the world coming to? I am now riffing off of Carlin.

Andean said...

Joking, and why not?

Ron Smith said...

We often eat an early breakfast at Gustav's on the way to other places. We also often have the traditional travel morning bloody mary :)

Steve Cotton said...

I ended up skipping Gustav's in favor of a ham sandwich I had packed. Undoubtedly, I will make up for that oversight on my next trip down in late January.