Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Yesterday Felipe suggested the absence of a Sanborn's in Melaque was "yet another reason to abandon your 'Shipwreck' lifestyle and move to a civilized area of Mexico."

He does have a point.  Our tropical coast is devoid of the culture and architecture of colonial Mexico.  In fact, there are no buildings in this village that are older than your correspondent.

But the highlands are completely devoid of one thing that makes Melaque one of the most interesting places I have lived.  Crocodiles.  Or, to be specific, American crocodiles.

I have written about the nest of crocodiles that hatched just over two weeks ago.  There are still quite a few survivors of that batch out in the laguna.  I see them basking in the sun in the morning and swimming for prey in the night.

If I were a bug or minnow, I would probably not find this fellow quite so cute.  To my eye, though, the GEICO gecko had best be looking for a new job.

Early last week, I saw some activity near the empty nest.  Another crocodile was digging.  During the day.  Completely oblivious to the few human eyewitnesses strolling by.

Within the day, her eggs had hatched and she had transported each baby in her mouth to a safe place.  And the babes needed the protection. 

A group of girls had gathered stones and pavers from the walkway to crush the babies.  As they said, to kill them before they grew up and were dangerous.

But Second Mama Croc did her duty.  And then was gone.  Unlike the first mother, who stuck around for a week with her young, this mother simply boogied back to the main channel of the laguna.

There are now two empty nests on the little beach.  From what I have read, the mothers will return next year to lay another clutch of eggs in the same area.

I suspect I will still be here -- despite the siren call of Sanborn's.

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