Wednesday, July 10, 2013

gentlemen, start your stirring

The colors are chosen.  The preparation work is ongoing.  And the first splashes of paint are hitting the walls.

Benja the Painter was here on Monday cleaning up the exterior walls and delivering the wares of his trade.  But Tuesday was an important day.  As big as breaking a bottle of champagne over Queen Elizabeth's bow before launching her into the sea.

The painting began.

I noticed Benja had set up a command post near the washing machine.  His nine containers of The Chosen Paint were marshaled around a large garbage can.  What struck me as odd was the large paddle that looked as if it could have been a prop for stirring taffy in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

A bit of logic -- and patience -- resolved my perplexity.  Benja poured the contents of each paint container into the garbage can, and stirred it. To ensure consistency in tint from container to container.  Wise man.

He painted a small portion of the roof area today.  But I really like the new look.  You can see the new color is far less pink than the old paint.  (For The Color Challenged, the new paint is on the post.)

I am not certain how long the project will last.  But I will keep you posted. 

Especially, when the house is dressed in its new finery.

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