Friday, November 15, 2013

I like to watch

Our role in the Baja 1000 is quickly unfolding.

And, rather than bury the story, here it is.  We will be watching the race, but watching it actively.

Darrel has a friend (John) who owns a house at Punta Cabras in Baja North.  That will be our base of operations. 

And a convenient base it is.  We are about an hour and a half south of Ensenada.  But that puts us right in the path of the motorcycles, trucks, and ATVs that are participating in the race.

Today we are up early to drive to Ensenada to see one of the flashiest classes of racers head out on their almost 100 mile race course – the Class One trucks and cars. 

These are the guys whose approach will be heralded by the helicopters that are part of their chase teams.  The days of the gentleman amateur racer disappeared some time ago.

But do not think we are left classless as spectators.  The RZR 900XP mounted n the back of Gary’s (another friend of Darrel) truck will be the chase vehicle for Darrel and Gary.

This Myers Manx will be the steed for John and Steve to chase after the racers.  And, at some point, we will do a bit of off-roading ourselves.

However, that will be for another day.

But why do you need any other days when this is the view that greets you from your own bedroom.  I almost felt as if I had been transported back to ancestral Scotland.

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