Sunday, November 10, 2013

2000 -- and counting

According to my Blogger dashboard, this is my 2000th post.

2000.  It does not seem possible.  When I sat down on the evening of 19 December 2007 to tell Andee, a blogger in Chacala, about my scouting trip to Mexico, I am positive I had no thoughts of still tapping away almost six years later.

John Calypso has a program that tells him how many words he has written.  I don't have that capability.  But I know there have been a lot of words that have gone out over the internet under my signature.

What has changed most has been the number of daily hits.  Back in 2007-2008, I thought I had hit the big time with 80 hits.  That figure is now regularly close to 4000 each day.

Of course, those are hits, not readers.  All bloggers get lots of spam hits from the exotic climes of Ukraine, India, and Thailand.  And there are also the Google searches that bring up my "floating butterfly," "naked youth," and "flag of Mexico" posts.  I suspect they each represent a distinct interest group.  And they pass by without stopping.

But the core of regular readers and commenters has grown.  Living in a rather small community, people often stop me on the street to say something nice about the blog.  The people who cross to the other side of the street may have other opinions.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the past six years--  honing my observation skills.  Whether there will be 2000 more posts remains to be seen.  But you will soon see what I experience at the Baja 1000 and my road trip to Central America.

So far,it has been a great ride.  If you stay on board, I promise more of the same.

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