Monday, February 23, 2015

a wasted night -- almost

Did you watch the Oscars presentation last night?

So did I.  If you didn't, you undoubtedly spent your time far more wisely than did I.

I was about to entertain you with an essay on my oh-so-droll observations about last night's show, but, I fear, my well ran dry. 

Just as well.  What can you say about hours of self-indulgence, self-delusion, and self-promotion?  Well, that has not already been written.

But, even with all of the wallowing and posturing, there was one moment of true glory.  Who would ever have guessed that Lady Gaga could channel Julie Andrews's performance in The Sound of Music without a hint of irony -- and then introduce Julie herself to the assembled cinema celebrities?

Sometimes, there really is a pony in that pile of manure.

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