Sunday, February 08, 2015

just hanging out

If all has gone well, I should be spending the night in an airport hotel near SEATAC airport.

When I made my flight and hotel reservations, I forgot I would be flying through on the weekend after the Super Bowl.  As matters turned out, I suspect there is not going to be a lot of revelry in the streets.  I should rest well for my flight to Bend.

Rather than write a full essay, I decided to simply share a favorite photograph I caught this past week in Barra de Navidad.  I am not certain what to think of the piece.

The child piñata has an eerie feel to it.  But added to the graffiti background, the effect is touching -- in a John Carpenter sort of way.  Or maybe Robert Rodriguez.  But there would need to be more red.  Lots more red.

While I am enjoying the sleep of the just, I will let the rest of you talk amongst yourselves.

There has to be a story here somewhere.  Artists are not mute.


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