Sunday, May 10, 2015

happy mother's day

I would wish all of you mothers a happy day.  But, if you notice the position of that apostrophe in the title, I only have one mother.

She appears here regularly.  As a commenter or as a character in one of my little morality plays.

I was trying to remember this morning when I last celebrated mother's day in person with my mom.  Obviusly, today will not be one of them.  She is in Bend, and I am in the Pacific.

But, as she would say, it is just another day.  Our family is notorious for celebrating holidays well away from their traditional dates.  Christmas in March?  Why not?

So, I will have the honor to celebrate some time with her later this week before I fly back to Mexico.  And it will be a pleasure.  She gave me life, and she continues to add new layers to hers every year.

For now, then, let me wish a happy mother's day to Marilyn Munro Cotton.  May you have many more.

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