Monday, May 04, 2015

casting bread on the water

Tonight was one of my favorite cruising nights -- the night I take the ship's cast to dinner.

I love live entertainment.  The most mediocre performance takes on a vibrancy when it is performed in front of an audience. 

When the performance is well-done, it is one of my favorite life experiences.

Cruise ships are filled with live entertainment.  Bands and singers in the lounges.  Singers, magicians, acrobats, and comedians in the theater.  And, of course, the singers and dancers of the ship's cast.

They are my favorites.  Their youth and vibrancy always makes their shows a highlight of the cruise.

Part of that is due to their youth.  I readily admit that.  They are always pleasant to watch.  Their energy charges me up.

But they are also quite talented -- both as dancers and singers.  This particular cast is made up of young entertainers mostly from the United Kingdom, with a few Americans and an Australian tossed in to liven the mix.

I sponsor a cast dinner for each of my cruises.  Something I have done for nearly two decades.  It began in an Ensenada taco stand and has escalated to dinner at one of the ship's specialty restaurants.

The cost has increased exponentially, as well.  It is not as expensive as taking fifteen of your favorite people to Maxim's.  But it is definitely not a trip to Pietro's Pizza, either.

Tonight was no exception.  We ate at the Olympic -- a restaurant that would be one of the finest eateries in most of the ports where the ship docks.

We spent two hours enjoying dinner and one another's company.  Sharing various secrets.

Now, my part of the performance is done.  The cast has the baton to perform their shows on our cruise across the Pacific.

For now, I will simply thank the full cast for what they have done and what they will do to make this cruise more enjoyable.

So, thank you: Ashley Andrews, Jacob Richard, Jordana Lloyd-Bailey, Stefanie Meikle, Joseph Gonzawa, Cameron Smith, Stephanie Lovett, Abigail McPeake, Hannah Wilkins, Natalie Baker, Bianca Kershaw, Laura Mellin, Charlie Ford, Daniel Harrison, and Melanie Lewin.

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