Thursday, May 07, 2015

steady as she goes

This is what I anticipated to see on our crossing to Canada from Russia.

The shot is from Deadliest Catch -- a reality television program about crab fishermen in the Bering Sea.  After all, we are sailing through the same sea.  Admittedly, along its southern rim.  But we are still well north of the Aleutian Islands.

If you can believe Deadliest Catch, we should now be taking showers in ice-cold water washing over deck 11.

Of course, television lies -- now and then.  That is, unless you suffer the Homer Simpson syndrome ("Television! Teacher, mother ... secret lover.")

Instead of killing waters, this is what Roy and I saw today from our deck.

Other than the clouds that whisper cold is on the way, that could be a photograph of the Caribbean.  Not quite billiard table flat.  More like a watery Kansas.

Not that it matters much.  Roy and I confined ourselves to our cabin for most of the day in the hopes of sleeping off our respective colds.  His is about one day behind mine in development.

We took a short lunch break to sit on the fantail deck to enjoy the perfect combination of cold and sun.  It reminded me of those Indian summer days that periodically brightened my college days.

Perhaps, it was the fever, but we started looking for bits of amusement at sea.  A Kraken attack on the forward part of the ship.  A gang rumble between a pod of killer whales and a band of rogue great white sharks.  Or even a bit of land.

The third, of course, was even more fantastical than the first two.  We are well over a day away from our sail through the Aleutian Islands -- when we will get to celebrate two Thursdays in a row by crossing the International Dateline.  (We actually already crossed it once, but we will zig and zag back and forth over it two more times.)

Given the option of watching giant waves crash against the sliding glass door to our deck and seeing flat, calm seas, I will opt for the latter.

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