Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Our great Vancouver tour plan came to naught.

The original plan was to spend the day touring a city I have long loved.  And it started that way.

Nancy, Roy’s wife, and her business colleague and friend, Sophie, met us at the cruise terminal.  After stowing our luggage in the car, we decided to enjoy one of Vancouver’s movie experiences -- Fly Over Canada.

If you have been to California Soarin’ at Disneyland, you know the drill.  A row of seats is elevated near a domed screen that creates the illusion of flight.

Fly Over Canada comes with a bit of history.  The space was initially used as a multi-media presentation in the Canada pavilion of Expo ‘86.  You may remember the Goose and Beaver Show.

Fly Over Canada was a great success for us.  The illusion of flight had all of us.

But Roy and I had had it by that point.  Or, rather, our colds had.  With lunch and a drive to suburban Vancouver, my tour day was over -- with the exception of spending the rest of the day in bed.

We are now up getting ready to head south.  Along the way, Nancy needs to conduct a conference call for her business.  Our hope is to do it on the road.  But we may need to stop along the way to ensure a good connection for her computer.

I am back in the land of omnipresent technology.

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