Friday, November 11, 2016

change has a cost

Since we are on the subject of change, I have two more to add to the list.

The first is good news. At least, for me.

When I lived in Villa Obregón, I regularly used the services of Cruz's body shop. The tight squeeze to enter and exit the courtyard gate made me a friend of Cruz. Coincidentally, he worked just down the highway when I lived in Oregon. He has done wonders with both of my Escapes.

His business was two blocks from my house. What could be handier? I could just drop the SUV for its face lift -- and then walk home. After I moved to Barra de Navidad, he was not that handy.

But, that has changed. Cruz has moved to Barra de Navidad. At least, almost. He is now on the highway that leads to our little village. Smack dab on my morning walk route.

I was glad to see him. My Escape is in need of his cosmetic surgery. Each fender and one door have met with too many squeezes and inconsiderate car owners in parking lots.

The Ford dealership told me my Escape was subject to a recall about a year ago. It appears there is a high possibility that the airbags will not function in a collision. As soon as they receive the parts, I will get that work done. Then I can turn my fully-functioning air-bagged SUV over to Cruz.

I will then walk home. Because that is what I do these days.

The not-so-good news is that my friends Ben and Alexa Boyt and their children will not be returning to Villa Obregón. Rather than try to explain the situation, I will let Alexa tell you in her inimitable style: mama's logbook.

I knew them through our church and their local coffee shop -- where Ben roasted and ground his own brews. Their energy and youth buoyed up everyone they met in our community.

But I fully understand why they believe their mission is elsewhere. And I have no doubt they have chosen wisely.

That does not change the fact I will miss them. A lot.

But that is how change works. It brings us gifts, and it takes away. There is always a cost.

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