Wednesday, February 29, 2012

one more day

29 February.

It seems like some scientist's bad idea of a practical joke.  Tacking an additional day on the dreariest month of the year.  (At least, in the northern latitudes.)

But it is a handy little memory jogger that each leap year brings another American presidential election threatening the public calm, along with the Olympics (at least, the summer variety). 

Thus one more day each year to keep the calendar in tune with the Earth's laggardly orbit around the sun.  Another proof that Aristotle and his crystal spheres are not as orderly as those chiton-wearing Greeks taught.

But forget about the politicians.  And the high jumpers.  And those Greeks with their island parties. 

29 February means my friend Leo is having another birthday.  That's him at the top of the post.  Doing his best Wizard of Oz impression.

Like everybody born on this day, he tries to pull the old scam that he is one-quarter his actual age.  Even so, he is still younger than this mexpatriate.

I met Leo while working my way through college.  We served time on a checking account reconciliation team in the early 70s.  Back when such things as checks and full heads of hair existed.

We became very good friends.  Along with some of our work chums we formed what we dubbed the Polish Skiing Team (a title that would now send us to diversity prison). 

I stopped in Oregon to serve as the best man in Leo's wedding on my way to an assignment in Greece in 1973.  It was a great life.

I could tell some fascinating stories about Leo.  And I probably should.  His children are fully grown.  And grandchildren always enjoy hearing the misadventures of their grandpa.

But that will be for another day.  I was hoping to see Leo at the wedding of his son last year.  But I could not arrange the logistics of getting there.  Now, that would have been a great venue for The Tales.

Instead, I will simply wish my good friend a very happy birthday.

And hope that he sees the four-year calendar roll over many more times.


John Calypso said...

My goodness - three Blog entries in one day - maybe you should make it a leap year custom - you have four years to decide ;-)

Steve Cotton said...

 I must be trying to make up for the time I lost in Chinese Commie blog prison.

Mcotton said...

Happy Birthday, Leo.  May you enjow many more.