Sunday, November 08, 2015

slipping into reruns

A regular cast member has returned to this situation comedy we know as Mexpatriate.

My brother Darrel.  Or, as the Bob Newharts amongst you would have it -- my other brother Darrel.

He flew in on Saturday afternoon for a specific mission.  He is going to join me on a road trip from Barra de Navidad to Bend, Oregon.  I have several boxes in my mother's garage the contents of which would be better served in the house with no name.

Books.  Clothes.  Kitchen goods.  Dining accessories.  All of which had little or no value to me as a renter, but most can immediately be put to service in my role as a homeowner.

Could I live without them?  Sure.  Could I simply have them shipped to Mexico?  Of course.  But they make a great excuse for me to spend more time with my brother. 

It has been far too long since we spent time together -- and the last time resulted in us taking a long desert hike where I eventually lost the nail on my right great toe.  Ah, the good times.

As in most Cotton productions, there are no plans.  We don't know when we are leaving.  We have no idea of our route.  One morning we will get up and decide that is the day.  We will point the Escape north and be on our way.

And what about that photograph at the top of this essay?  When Darrel and Christie were here last year, the Escape had a flat on the way from the airport.  Yesterday, it happened again.  This time it was merely a small meta screw.  But quite effective in stopping the beast I drive.

Driving on our local roads is similar to plowing through a construction site.  All four of the Escape's tires have now been subjected to quick fixes for leaks.

My intentions were to buy a new set of tires in Oregon -- if only because they cost less.  But I currently have one tire that has a bulge in the sidewall and a crack in the bead.  It may not survive the drive north.

But all of that will be for future episodes.  For now, simply welcome our new cast member.  My only gripe is that he always get the great lines.  I need to take a meeting with the writers.

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