Sunday, May 08, 2016

stop kidding around

Happy Mother's Day.

That is, if you are a northern mother. Mexican mothers are celebrated on a different day -- 10 May. Mexico's culture is conservative. It likes certainty in its dates.

Well, except when it doesn't. Schools were let out here on Friday 6 May to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. It appeared to be a day late. But getting Friday off was far more beneficial than the 5th. After all, in Mexico, the celebration of the first Battle of Puebla is a local affair. Not here.

I was going to try to weave an excuse out of the difference between the American and Mexican days of celebration. But it would be far too transparent. I am quite capable of forgetting "10 May" as I am of forgetting "the second Sunday in May."

And I did. Usually, I arrange for flowers to be delivered to my mother in Bend on the Saturday before Mother's Day. I simply forgot this year. For some reason, my head is still stuck in November.

And I had a great reminder yesterday that mother's day was upon us.

Once upon a time three goats lived across the street from my house. Two were shipped off to be served up in birria. The sole survivor had a special mission -- to produce more goats.

She has been noticeably pregnant for several months. When I took Barco over to the lot to do what dogs have to do, she always nuzzled up to my pocket for a dog biscuit.

Then she went missing for several days. I thought she may have been sent off to a farm. But I was wrong.

Yesterday, in the shade of the afternoon, the owner brought her out -- along with her newly-born kid. It is now four days old.

All of the neighborhood dogs were there to welcome its coming out. Given an opportunity, though, they would have reverted to their natural instincts and enjoyed goat without the bother of stewing.

So, for all of you mothers out there, Happy Mother's Day.

And for the best mother in the world, I apologize for the lack of flowers. But you know that my appreciation for you is without limits.

Did that work? I didn't think so.

Maybe I should send you something on 10 May. And I am not kidding.

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