Monday, June 20, 2016

i have come unstuck in time

And I feel exactly as Billy Pilgrim did in Slaughterhouse-Five. At least, when it comes to learning Spanish.

For the past week, it is almost as if I had been transported back to 2007 -- before I cracked open any of my Spanish programs. At least, it feels that way. The last nine years of my erratic studies have apparently disappeared down Winston Smith's memory hole. Because they certainly are not showing up in my Spanish class.

One example. I find Duolingo to be entertaining. But it is far too simple to be very educational. That is why I was astounded this morning to discover that it took me two hours to complete lessons I can normally complete in twenty minutes. Maybe I should welcome myself to the New Normal.

My two-hour Spanish class today was what could be charitably described as a disaster. It was so bad I could not recall the verbs for "sleep" and "read" -- two of the first Spanish words I learned.

Coincidentally, a shipment arrived this afternoon from Amazon -- containing six Spanish study books. The same books my current instructor reads from in class.

Rather than sit and listen to someone else read material I can read for myself, I decided to put my group lessons on hold until I can get a better grasp on what is happening with my ever-eroding vocabulary. Maybe a change of pattern will do me good.

I would be remiss not to add an unpaid plug for Amazon. I orderd the books last Monday from Amazon in The States. Considering the weight involved, I did not anticipate seeing the books for a few weeks. Amazon, quite candidly, stated the package could arrive as late as early July.

But, as I already told you, it arrived at my postal box today -- just one week after I hit the "pay now" button. And, best of all, the shipping was free.

I am not certain how Amazon does it, but it has customer service perfected, even better than Nordstrom.

So, we will see if I can restore what I have lost -- and learn more. Studying on my own has the marked disadvantage of not working with other students. But I can always re-join the group in the future. If I choose to do that.

As for being unstuck in time. That may be an entirely different problem.

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