Monday, September 05, 2016

newton's inertia

I am turning in my crystal ball, but I am keeping my curse cauldron.

A mere four days ago in weather or not, I told you our wet season summer had failed to live up to its name. Sure, we have had a few showers. But nothing like our bi-weekly rains of yore. And we had managed to avoid the effects of hurricanes and tropical storms -- even though we were now half way through the alphabet.

As a coda, I let you know I had finally succumbed to the air conditioning temptress. My will is not very strong when hedonism is at stake.

No more had I made that decision than the rain started falling almost every day. Not big rain storms. But enough to send the defenders of hanging laundry scurrying.

Last night, I used the air conditioning for the second time. It is a relatively quiet unit. Certainly, less obtrusive than the two fans I had been using.

In the early morning, a noise woke me up.  My first thought was the air conditioner was doing an impression of my automatic garage door opener. New mechanical objects around here tend to act up.

It wasn't the air conditioner. It was a wind strong enough for me to hear it over the noise in my bedroom. Along with a pelting rain doing on a flamenco on the laminate at the top of my bathroom chimney.

In Thursday's post, I mentioned an orange X on the weather map. While I was busy with other projects, it morphed into tropical storm Newton, and came calling in the dark.

Newton is currently passing by far off shore. But the storm is close enough to have filled the streets with water and to have toppled a number of trees that were undoubtedly softened up by Patricia last year.

Because Barco has a sprained toe, I walked him only around our block. But it appears the storm damage is extremely limited. I did see the odd piece of laminate around. That was to be expected. It was windy.

Now, before anyone points out I am indulging in a causal fallacy, I know complaining about the lack of rain and then plopping down pesos for air conditioning did not act as a magnet to pull Newton our way.

If I can cast those spells, though, I am a happy guy. We will have a bit of inconvenience with the rain. I have errands to run in Manzanillo today, and I know the road will be a mess. But we needed this rain.

And that crystal ball? It was showing some terrible political predictions this year. I was going to throw it out, any way.

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