Friday, January 20, 2017

anita sends her thanks

I just received a thank you note from John Wilson's wife, Anita. She wanted to let each of you know, who commented on John's life in calypso is dead, how much she appreciated everything you wrote.

Rather than add it as a coda to the rest of the comments, I have decided to publish it separately. She is an extremely gracious woman.


Excuse the silence of not responding so quickly.
Thank you all for the kind words and memories about John. I was overjoyed when Steve asked to write something about Calypso. Honored actually.

My sister Becky, who John sometimes wrote about, came the next day after hearing the news, and my brother Richard who lived here in Puerto for a little while, who John also wrote about, came to give me LOTS of love and support mentally and physically.

You were all an extended family to John and that made me happy knowing that he had people that cared about him, about his views and opinions. I have nothing to hide, my life is an open book he would say.

He loved to write and take photos of everything even if it was only for his entertainment.  He would laugh sometimes when he wrote a blog and say,
“I crack myself up”.

I think John always gave people the opportunity to express their ideas and he was willing to be flexible.

I will not go into all the pain and suffering that my love experienced because that is how John was.  He even wrote a blog about not wanting to hear about everyone's drugs they are taking or the ailment of the day.  He was strong and silent, but now he is whole and suffers no more.

He was my best friend and I could say anything to him about anything and he would support me and love me.

He loved living in Mexico and wanted to die in this house. He had a spectacular view of the ocean, sunrises, and a peaceful view of the night lights of the stars.

John was cremated as requested and I will be taking him back to the USA to be left at the Grand Canyon.  He loved it there and frequently asked to go back when in the USA.

I cry when I read the words in Steve's blog about my honey.

It brings me joy to the heart when I read the kind words in the comments.

Thank you,
Love from Anita

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