Monday, February 27, 2017

big day in momdom

Today is my mother's birthday. Her 89th.

That does not seem possible. I still think of her as being in her 60s. But, if that were true, it would be difficult to explain how I am older than my mother.  It was a clever plot advancement in Iolanthe, but it does not work out as well in daily life.

I tried to call her a few minutes ago from our ship in the Southern Ocean, using an internet-based system. It did not work. The difference between upload and download speeds was so great I could hear her, but she could hear only fragments of my conversation. So, I had to settle for sending an email.

On her visit to Barra de Navidad in December, I spent more time with her than I have for decades. We chatted over great dinners -- and she trounced all three of us in repeated games of Mexican train.

Now, here she is at 89. I doubt I will make it that far. So, I will doubly celebrate her for her roles as businesswoman, political activist, and mother.

She teaches us all that it is possible to have it all.

Happy birthday, Mom. Keep it rolling forward.

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