Friday, November 03, 2017

mashing wits

It's one of my favorite MASH jokes.

Season Five. While Colonel Potter is away, his horse gets sick. B.J. offers to call his father-in-law for help.

B.J.: Hey! My father-in-law has been in Oklahoma for 50 years.

Hawkeye: Once you're in a road company, it's very hard to get back to Broadway.

It is pure Larry Gelbart. But it is true. And I have family to prove it.

On Wednesday, I received a message from my putative daughter, Laura. You met them as guest stars in my little situation comedy I call life this past winter. She was touring The States and Mexico on a motorcycle with her husband, Josh, their son, Jeremiah, and their two dogs, Eddy and Culprit (moving to mexico -- driving the demons). By sheer coincidence, their travels had brought them an hour away from Reno.

She wanted to know if I was interested in lunch or dinner. Of course, I was. I would not miss an opportunity to see them again -- and to pull them on stage for another guest star turn.

We met for lunch yesterday afternoon. They had seen a little Peruvian restaurant on their drive into town. Just a short walk away. So, we did. Walk.

Then we sat. And ate. And talked. And laughed. Just as any good situation comedy family should. Probably more Simpsons than Donna Reed.

There is something about spending a leisurely meal with family. Especially, with Josh's sense of irony. Our thrusts and ripostes would have felt at home at the Algonquin Round Table. I know I did.

And then it was over. They mounted their motorcycle and headed off into the afternoon.

I suspect this will not be the last we see of our intrepid on-the-road band.

After all, once you're in a road company --- .

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