Wednesday, February 21, 2018

star wars with the maya

The truly literate amongst you will immediately identify that photograph.

It is the opening scene of the finale of the first Star Wars movie. The one later dubbed A New Hope.

Those temples poking out of the jungle of Yavin 4 are actually two temples we saw today in Tikal. You could almost hear John Williams blaring in the background.

This was the part of the Guatemala trip to which I had been looking forward. Tikal -- one of the greatest of the Mayan city-states.

As you may guess, I have a lot to say about the Maya as a historical people. And Tikal is a great place to talk about them.

But, it was a long day -- and the internet is very slow here and available only in the lobby of our hotel. The Jungle Lodge.

Tomorrow evening I will be in Barra de Navidad. So, Friday sounds like a good day to wrap up this trip to Guatemala.

See you then.

I just wanted you to know I have not been monkeying around.

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