Friday, July 27, 2018

mexpatriate strips down for the summer

Felipe over at The Unseen Moon has recently been urging me to update the look of  Mexpatriate.

It is a fair gripe. The page has been wearing the same garb for about four years now.

I remember designing it in the library of my Salem house during one of my visits north. My friend Jordan was watching me customize it. He accidentally pushed the publish button before I thought I was done. It turned out to be a smart move. Had I fiddled with it any more, it would not have been improved.

But even Testoni shoes wear out. And it was time for a new look. A sleek look.

So, here it is. For those of you who have relied on my blog roll to find my fellow writers, it is still there. You simply need to click on the three little bars (I am certain there is some for of blog jargon for that symbol, but I do not know what it is) at the upper right. It will take you directly to all of the information that once cluttered the right side of the page.

I have high hopes that switching to a new format may actually revive the less-than-reliable Disqus comments. We shall see. I know a lot of you now comment on the Mexpatriate Facebook link. It would be nice to have your comments here.

If I had a bottle of Dom Perignon, I would break it over the top of my laptop on this launch day.

May God bless her and all who read in her.

Addeddum. OK. By popular demand, I have muted the white and dropped the green. I would like a visible blog roll, but it is not an optionin this set of themes.

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