Saturday, May 24, 2008

face the music -- and glance with me

I have thought about this post for some time now. Wayne occasionally posts "extra" photographs that do not make the cut for his travel blogs. I like the concept. Photographs often help move our commentaries along -- but not always. That does not mean that the photograph is not good -- merely that it is not helpful in that circumstance.

As some of you know, I have been working on techniques to capture faces. I would like to present a few for your pleasure -- and comments. Several have more than a few internal tales. For that reason, I give them to you -- in no particular order, and without commentary.



Michael Dickson said...

Steve, you do an excellent job with these things. However, a goodly number have absolutely nothing to do with the topic of this blog.

Consider starting another site on It´s free! And easy!

I´ve got a whole passel. And you can to. Think about it.

P.S. Nice photos.

Steve Cotton said...

Good suggestion, Michael. I have noticed that several of our fellow bloggers have done that -- such as, you and Wayne.

Babs said...

I'm so curious, always, about the story behind the photo - who are these people, why THAT look, what kind of day are they having - photographs truly are the window to the soul, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

While these photos may have nothing to do with the topic of your blog they are great. You have captured some wonderful expressions. I wondered if the military man was smiling because of what he was hearing on his iPod or if it was because of something that he was watching. Of course we all know if you scrunch your face up when taking a photo like the man in the red shirt it will turn out to be of much better quality.
Thanks for sharing these photos.

wayne said...

I must say, I think MD's comment was mean spirited. That said, was there really a topic to begin with, other than to showcase an assortment of photos that you like? I thought they were brilliant. I love that they were served with no commentary so that we could make up our stories about them. And I surely did!

Steve Cotton said...

Wayne -- I like suggestions from all quarters. And thank you for your kind comments. I enjoyed your exchange with John about how to get the most out of candid face shots. I am still self-conscious about the process. At a graduation today, where there were literally hundreds of cameras in sight, I was still too concerned about privacy to get the shots I wanted. I just need to keep trying.

Michael Dickson said...

Please tell Wayne there is a sizable difference between mean-spirited and critical.

Critical I was. No doubt.

Say one starts a blog on reforms in elementary education. Lots of folks are interested in that, one imagines, and the blog builds a readership based on that shared interest. You bookmark it and visit now and then, perhaps daily.

Then posts appear on, say, the best way to rebuild the transmission on a 1957 T-bird. What the hey?, you say.

The blog returns to elementary education reforms but then, more and more often, posts touch not on transmissions but cocktail recipes, whatever.

I suggest that some of the readers will grow glassy-eyed and mayhaps wander off. They care not about car transmissions nor cocktail recipts. The internet is chockablock with such stuff.

But here is the good part. If the blog writer does care about T-bird transmissions and cocktail recipes, the site offers quick and free ways to focus on those other interests.

Plus, it´s a piece of cake to add links from the original blog (the elementary education site which will remain focused) to the secondary or tertiary sites. Linking them all together, so to speak.

If some of the elementary educators also fixate on T-birds or mimosas, they can click right on over to the other sites.

Now, there is criticism. But the spirit is flush with love, not evil.