Friday, May 23, 2008

i'm coming, elizabeth

Unlike Redd Foxx, this is no fake heart attack. I have finally made plans to make my next scouting trip to Mexico. This time I will stay in Melaque from 12 to 19 July.

I have waxed poetic about a house in Melaque that I would like to rent. This will give me an opportunity to see the house during a portion of one season and see if it meets my needs. From everything I have heard, it certainly should. But seeing, in this case, is knowing -- not simply believing.

If the house passes this final inspection, I will most likely rent it during the hot season next year.

When I was in Barra de Navidad in December, I wanted to see a house that interested me. As has been my luck, it sold the weekend before I arrived. It is now back on the market. I will take a look at it, as well, while I am in the area.

I do not want to plan too many activities for this trip. After all, it is only for one week. Instead of trying to pack in too much, I intend to spend the week wandering around town meeting people. If I can arrange it, I would also like to meet some of the message board members in Melaque and Barra.

The countdown begins: only 7 weeks away.


Babs said...

Hi Steve - I think you are brilliant to go in the summer and see if you can "survive" the heat. It will be an interesting experiment.
Last week while in Sayulita the low was 87 which is hotter then the high here. It was a bit much unless you were sitting in the pool or the ocean.......
Glad you're returning to Mexico!

Anonymous said...

i hope the house works out for you.

have a great memorial day weekend and thank you for your service to our country.


Anonymous said...

I hope you can survive the heat. Like Babs said that will be a true test if you can live year round in a HOT climate.
I am not enjoying the mid 50s and wet day here in Portland but July in Mexico might be more than I could bear.

Steve Cotton said...

Well, I guess all I can say is that I am willing to be put to the test. I have never really liked heat in the past. But I have found on my recent trips to the tropics, I like it a lot more than I did at one point. It may also be a good reason for me to drop several pounds.

wayne said...

I would check why the house is back on the market. Buyer beware and all that. Also, I would seriously, seriously recommend that you try to live as much as possible that week without air conditioning. I know so many people who become slaves to it and never do anything during the hot season. I hope you blog about the pozole women!

Steve Cotton said...

Wayne -- I actually know the story behind the sale fail. I have been corresponding with the owners for some time now.

As for the air conditioning, there is no need to worry: the house does not have it. The owner is contemplating installing a unit later this year. With the breeze and the fans, I should be fine.

If I do not blog from Melaque while there, I will certainly do so when I return. With the new luggage restriction, I am not certain I want to deal with a lap top for a 1-week trip.