Saturday, May 17, 2008

a stint in time

I cannot help myself. I said I was going to wait until Sunday to post again. But I found a hot WiFi spot -- and, because it is here, I post. Photographs will need to wait until tomorrow.

The conference was fine. What can you say about a get-together designed to provide workers' compensation attorneys with meaningful information while simultaneously parting them for a substantial portion of their income?

My presentation this morning came off exactly as I expected. The only surprise was the size of the audience. I expected to see only a small portion of the registrants for an 8:00 AM presentation on legislative highlights. But we had great attendance.

I did learn something interesting about me, though. I have mentioned several times that I thought I had been doing well on working myself into a "live in the moment" philosophy. Well, I am here to tell you that my self-awareness skills are zippo.

I was supposed to present this morning with another attorney in Salem. For several reasons, I ended up writing the written materials and the PowerPoint slides. We had decided to meet yesterday afternoon to divide up the oral presentation. Between the conference center and our meeting area, he ran into a series of people, and he stopped to talk with each of them. It took us at least 45 minutes to walk a mere 100 feet; I may as well have been walking the gimpy dog.

As I was sitting there muttering to myself, I realized I was doing it again. My co-presenter was enjoying the moment. He was talking with people he knew, sharing stories, laughing. And there I was, grumping about not getting our work done -- when the work was actually already completed.

Today I simply relaxed. And it made all the difference.

By the way, Michael D, I was visited by bats last evening as I sat on my veranda on the coast. (I will see if there is anything to add on that topic tomorrow.)


Brenda said...

Glad your presentation went well and that you relaxed later.

Is Jiggs having a good time?

Steve Cotton said...

Jiggs appears to be having a great time. I have worn him out on the last three days.

Jackie said...

So how was the weather on the coast? I saw on Friday that Lincoln City had a high of 88 degrees. A nice ocean breeze would have felt good the last couple of days with this unusual May weather we are having in Oregon.

Steve Cotton said...

The weather was great. Almost everyone complained that it was too hot on Friday -- and it was warm. But good practice for Mexico. Salishan is not built for heat -- all those windows and no air conditioning. But leaving the doors open at night was enough to keep the breeze moving through. Saturday was cooler. And today the fog moved in. That almost always happens, as you know, when the Valley gets a heat spell. Right now, Jiggs and I are enjoying the back yard.