Thursday, May 15, 2008

who's that buzzing at my snore

Summer came rushing in this year -- like a linebacker. Earlier in the week, we had cool rain. Tuesday evening around 9, there was a warm turn. It was still a pleasant 60 and I had fun just sitting out and enjoying the completion of our successful Salvation Army fundraiser.

But today, summer hit with its full force -- and I am loving it. The temperature hit almost 90 today, and it is on its way to 95 tomorrow.

Tonight I was supposed to be working on my speech for Saturday morning. But Jiggs had a much better idea: a walk. We took it slow for him. That Rudy Vallee coat he wears may be fine for a 1922 Dartmouth sophomore, but it is tough on an old golden retriever.

It was a veritable Mary Poppins evening. High temperatures and very little humidity. The only drawback is the first hot night of sleep. There usually is very little -- sleep, that is.

Oh, and I almost forgot, the mosquitoes are already out in force. What a well-designed reproduction machine they are. They seem to come out of nowhere and keep on churning out the race with my O negative involuntary contribution -- almost like government.

I would seriously consider sleeping out in the yard tonight, but for the presence of the hemoglobin-seeking Luftwaffe. Maybe I should break out the DEET and simply meet the enemy in battle.

Perhaps when I return from the beach.

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