Tuesday, August 19, 2008

charlotte knows her abcs

I almost missed seeing her and her handiwork. The morning sun was low and bright -- and behind me. I was as unaware of her presence as any bumbling Blue Bottle.

As I passed a glint caught my eye. Thy ere she was. A common garden spider. But she had picked as her hunting territory the middle of my neighbor's front yard. What amazed was the absence of any nearby anchorage for her web. She had managed to attach her master guy wires from points on the lawn to a tree nearly ten feet away. No roustabout for Barnum could have set better lines.

Such a clever girl. I almost expected her to start weaving messages for the passing commuters. But no E.B. White spider she.

She had work to complete. The day was starting and she had not yet finished putting her last strands of death in place.

To me, on that morning with my dog, she was a better busker than any Manhattan performance artist. I would have left her a dollar, but it would have been as useless to her as her creation was calming to me. And her senses were not designed for my eccentric applause.

She was a being of purpose. And I had to pass by. To leave what was ephemeral and probably destroyed by the evening. I just hope she dined well.


American Mommy in Mexico said...

poetic, simple, love it

Steve Cotton said...

American Mommy -- Gracias, Señora. The photograph makes the "cracked windshield" effect that much more prominent.

Babs said...

Fabulous photo and beautifully written blog!

Steve Cotton said...

Babs -- You are most kind. It may not be about Mexico, but it is about my "same life."

Anonymous said...


A true Magnum Opus. Lyrically captured - bravo!


Steve Cotton said...

Thank you, Alee'. Nice to see your comments again. You always add a breath of fresh air to our group. The spider was in the front yard of my immediate next-door neighbor. You might recognize the dahlias.

Liz said...

Hi Steve
Came here via svBliss, and have spent a very enjoyable evening. You are quite the wordsmith.
I'm about up to March, and will save some for later.
Must.go.to.bed...........as hard as it is to tear myself away.
I think I can share some good help and advice for your struggle with Spanish language aquisition, if you are interested. Just some things I learned upon being dropped completely unprepared into the culture and language of Japan, and then making it my home for ten years.
Your Professor Jiggs stories are the Best!!(His personality reminds me so much of my Bear, surprising in that he is a Cairn Terrier) Hope he sticks around for many more, and at least gets to see you into your new life in Mexico.
Gambattte !!!
Mata ne

Steve Cotton said...

Liz -- Good to hear from you. Glad to have a new commenter on board. Any language help would be of assistance.