Monday, August 25, 2008

give us this day

While walking around Melaque during a very hot afternoon, I stopped in the local parish church (Parroquia de San Patricio). I had not yet seen it.

From the outside, it appears to be under construction. What looks unfinished is an ingenious design to circulate air.

The temperature was markedly lower inside -- almos
t as if a cooler was installed. I sat and enjoyed the refreshing air.

The interior was lightly decorated. But that was not what caught my eye. The first thing I noticed was el perro under the pew in front of me. Spread eagle on the cool marble, he appeared to be contentedly involved in the prayers that each simple dog prays. Daily bread. Forgiveness.

We can learn much from our best friends.


Anonymous said...

cute picture of "el perro". he does look like he is asking for forgiveness. i remember seeing dogs in the different churches i visited in mexico, even during mass. the best part is that i never saw anyone trying to get them to leave. live and let live seems to be the attitude there. wish more people were that way.

have a great day steve.

1st Mate said...

I remember that church, I loved the statue of St. Pat.

The church at La Cruz is built so the walls stop several feet below the roof and the rest is filled in with openwork brick. A very bright and breezy effect.

Islaholic Trixie said...

El Perro looks so content. Looks like he is enjoying the solitude of the church.

Babs said...

Great photo - he's keeping his belly cool! Reminds me of when Hurricane Alicia came through on August 18th 1983 and we had no electricity in Nassau Bay (south of Houston) for 3 weeks! The kids and I slept on the marble floor in the foyer with as few clothes on as we could - the marble ALWAYS was cool.......Back to basics!

Steve Cotton said...

Teresa -- And he was so quiet during his prayers. Other than his breathing, he did not move a muscle. The marble must have felt gooooooooooooood.

Bliss -- Interesting church. At first, I was taken aback with its unfinished industrial look -- a bit like the Brutilist School of architecture. Then I felt the functional use -- that breeze was amazing.

Brenda -- I suspect el perrito was looking more for cool than solitude. On the other hand, perhaps he was hiding from the other dogs.

Babs -- When Jiggs could get around better, during the summer he would stretch out flat in the bath tub. Dogs always know where to find the best spots.

Babs said...

I just remembered, and wanted to tell you there is a non-denominational "church" - open air - kitty-korner from the Restaurant Maya. I went there one Sunday acouple of years ago - a dear friend of mine who is the former Rector of St.Paul's Episcopal church here in San MIguel was the founder. His name is Dean Underwood. I traveled to Guatemala with he and his wife about 4 years ago. A delightful man. He has a house at La Manzanilla. The minister there now is from Michigan or Missouri or Minnesota - one of those M states.......The service was definitely not like anything I had ever been to before....You might want to check it out.

Steve Cotton said...

Babs -- I know the church. In fact, I attended there when I was down, and even blogged on it: But it is always nice to be able to refer back to earlier entries. I understand quite a few people attend during the winter months, but the group was small when I was there.