Sunday, August 31, 2008

naked youth

Earlier this month, this blog sped past the 10,000 hits mark. At the time, several of us had an in-depth discussion about what the number meant.

Our conclusion? Not much. Someone (maybe me) tossed out the idea that any blog could engender hits with the right combination of words in titles and posts. We shall see.

Today's title is not exactly what it seems. Michael Dickson just turned 64, I am not far behind him. On Friday a friend from my Air Force days also had a birthday.

I coincidentally ran across this picture today.

The year is 1973 -- Memorial Day. I joined my friends Robin (the birthday boy), Dennis, and Diane, Dennis's wife, on a water-ski camping trip to Lake McClure in central California. I was getting ready to leave for an assignment in Greece. The year I had spent in California was to turn out to be one of my fondest memories.

But none of us knew that at the time. We were simply youn
g and having fun.

As we grow older, we tend to get very self-conscious about our appearance. I have a friend who has two rules about old swim suit pictures:

1. If found, destroy them.

2. If rule #1 is not followed, hide them in the underwear drawer. (A
very odd place, if you ask me.)

So, what do I do? I publish my self-incriminating photograph -- because it is a part of who I am -- or was.

Robin: happy birthday. Dennis, Diane: May life be very good for you. Steve: Go put on some electronic pants.

If that was not good enough for your daily laugh, try this one.
Steve Cotton in his late 20s in law school. What's with that look?

(Special thanks to Todd of Life in El Corazon for adjusting the quality. The subject, he could not help.)


Alan said...

Steve, I would recognize that skinny blond boy anywhere! Ah for the good old beach boy days and Calfornia Dreamin.

Michael Dickson said...

Okay, which of the bathing beauties is you? The one with the notable bulge in his panties?

Or the Easy Rider shades? I really cannot say.

Steve Cotton said...

Al -- You hit the bull's eye.

Michael -- Put me down as a shady character. From left to right: Dennis, Steve, Robin. Diane took the photograph. The two of them are recently divorced. sad tale.

Colette said...

Enjoyed the pictures - it's amazing how an old photo can spark so many memories.

Steve Cotton said...

Colette -- What is even more amazing is that I see that same kid every day -- in my head. I have no idea who that is looking at me in the mirror each morning -- other than to wonder what my father is doing there.

Laurie said...

Happy 10,000! I guess you are feeling a little like you are 10,000? Is that why you posted photos from your youth? And. . . I am grateful that men wear boxer style swimsuits today. Nuff said on that.

Todd said...

Steve I have just done a little photoshop on the law picture.

I will email it to you.


Steve Cotton said...

Todd -- Thanks! Great improvement in the quality of the photograph.

islagringo said...

Looks like you both stuffed potatos down the front of your shorts! I am so glad I burned all of my old bathing beauty photos! If Laurie thinks that boxer bathing suits are less revealing, she needs to visit my island. The European men have now taken to wearing their boardy shorts low enough to reveal their neatly manicured lawn..or sometimes even lower!

Steve Cotton said...

Wayne -- My experience is that there is an entire international conspiracy to bring back the speedo -- and they are all men of my generation. Perhaps they think they now look better wearing their underwear in public -- or, more likely, they just don't care.

Laurie -- Thanks for the comment. I think my last public speedo appearance was in Greece -- over 30 years ago. But I have to agree with Wayne. The surfers who use the beach in front of the house seem to be under the impression that the only portion of their bodies that needs consistent covering is their knees. I was under the impression that Mexicans had a high level of modesty. I was dead wrong.

glorv1 said...

Well your only young once, and it looks like your were having fun. You look like the college boy you were. Funny you should mention seeing your father in the mirror, because I see my mother too. :)