Friday, November 21, 2008

-- and mary ann

Yesterday I posted a photograph that included a woman trying to get a fresh water hose away from the chomping jaws of a crocodile in La Manzanilla. The hose was her fresh water supply.

This is where the hose leads: to her home by the sea.

I must admit when I saw the place, I half expected to see the wreckage of The Minnow. That is what television from the 60s will do to your mind. And I could tell at a glance that the woman was neither Ginger nor Mary Ann.

What you cannot see in this photograph is that the same crocodile has beached itself right next to the woman's beachside cafe.

But that rather puts a different spin on this bucolic interlude.


MD in Texas said...

"neither Ginger nor Mary Ann".....that one had me laughing out loud! Love your blog and envious of your upcoming move.

Another Mexico lover!

Kadmiel said...

I hope your move goes well.. we don;t want you to get lost like gilligan :)

Life's a Beach! said...

Steve, love your blog and read it daily. That croc yesterday was gaspingly huge! Are they located in a bay/lagoon area? Talk about learning to live with and overcome your fears! :D

By the way, we've stayed on Gilligan's Island (Moloa'a Bay, Kauai) and never saw a croc there!
Nor did we see any Ginger's or Mary Ann's. (The local residents were mostly hippies in need of dentistry.)


Steve Cotton said...

MD -- When I first saw the little house, I almost expected to see a radio made out of coconuts fashioned by the professor. And, don't be envious. Join the rest of us headed suth for retirement.

Kadmiel -- But Gilligan and the gang had such great adventures -- and inventions.

Beck -- Thanks. I enjoy writing it. La Manzanilla has a mangrove swamp lagoon where the crocs grow huge. Melaque has a broad lagoon where the crocs are a bit more subtle in their suze and behavior. I give them a good deal of respect.

Islagringo said...

She needs to put "fresh croc" on her menu.

Steve Cotton said...

Wayne -- I wonder if one of the crocs would voluteer?

Anonymous said...

LOL.... the wreckage of the Minnow. I'm dating myself, but that gave me a much-needed guffaw.

And if you've got a large crocodile within earshot, why really worry about building codes? You've got bigger fish (as it were) to fry.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where what isn't regulated with puritanical efficiency is simply banned.

Steve Cotton said...

Kim -- Or as Homer Simpson would say: "Television - teacher, mother, secret lover!"

Laurie said...

Unfortunately these last two posts bring to my mind thoughts of my dear mother. My beloved mother, driver of a Lexus, owner of a big house, likes to feed the gators in her front bayou in South Louisiana. She considers it a most eco-friendly way to get rid of leftovers. She is nearly blind, lives alone, and stubborn as a mule. Her only rule is not to feed the big ones. How can she tell the difference with her failing eyesight? Also, I advise her that 4day old meatloaf is not as appetizing as fresh meat, even from skinny old ladies. She admits to only being stalked once, by a big gator who followed her back to the kitchen. Second helpings?

Steve Cotton said...

Laurie -- Thanks for the testimonial. I am still adjusting to the fact of having future neighbors who will dine with me and others who just as easily will dine on me.

Laurie said...

Ha! That's a good way to phrase it. Life in South Louisiana in some ways prepared me for the tropical life here.

Steve Cotton said...

Laurie -- Some of my Oregon friends still think I have made up the croc stories. They will be surprised when they visit.