Saturday, November 01, 2008

another season gone

Yesterday morning I woke up to the distinctive sound of tires on wet pavement. During the night, our wondrously dry October had morphed into an Oregon fall.

October was a welcome respite from the usual Oregon jump from late summer directly to rainy season. I spent long walks with the dog. Cleared out the accumulated jumble in the rock wall. Chatted with neighbors. As well as enjoying the opportunity to photographs subjects that only a dry October will provide.

Today I start dealing with the more prosaic aspects of home ownership: fixing leaky faucets, replacing worn light switches, upgrading toilet floats. I saved these indoor chores for gray days like today where I will have enough light to see once I cut the electrical power, but where I will not be tempted to go outside and do battle with the ever-victorious English ivy. (As an aside, the picture at the top is of the Boston ivy that decorates my chimney. It is an ally of the season.)

But now, I must head to Home Depot to start my day.


Anonymous said...

That is a great photo of the leaves. I love all of the colors.
I realized yesterday morning driving in the rain that I need to replace my wiper blades. It’s tough driving to work in the dark and the rain with bad wiper blades.

Brenda said...

That is a beautiful picture. Thanks for posting it.

Steve Cotton said...

Jackie -- After this great summer, getting back into winter mode is going to be difficult. I managed to get a bit of yard work in today -- and lots of indoor projects.

Brenda -- You are welcome. When I saw the ivy on the chimney, I could not resist.