Saturday, November 15, 2008

strawberries, no whipped cream

On Thursday, I announced in there's no business like -- that I was considering either not retiring, or retiring and taking part of my job with me to Mexico.

I realize now that was a rather manipulative way of describing what I may be able to do.

If I were to say, what would you do if you could use your love for writing part-time and get paid a very nice amount of money? How many of you would be interested in a gig like that?

If it meant getting paid for writing our blogs, I suspect there would be more hands in the air than at a French battle. (By the way, that is meant to be a Mexican patriotic statement, not a slur on my good friends in France. -- That Secretary of State job may still be open.)

The possibility is not that good -- but nearly. My company has scheduled a rewrite of a -- well, let's just say: a very big book. If I stayed, the project would have been partially mine.

If I can take it with me, I will retire. But I can work on the project when my time allows -- as long as I meet certain deadlines.

So, I am really not waffling. I am retiring. Doing something I will love doing -- writing. And I still get to live in Mexico.

Will it be as fun as writing a novel? Nope. But I was not going to do that in any event.

And, who knows, maybe the plan will not be approved. I will be as happy.


JJ said...

That would be a great set-up for you. Like easing into retirement - in a place you love, with plenty of free time to enjoy it but while sort of easing out of your everyday work-related commitments here. I hope it works out and they approve the plan!

1st Mate said...

Steve - it sounds like a great way to make the transition, giving you additional income (hopefully, otherwise why do it?) when you need it most. I found I spent the most money the first year, on nest-feathering. But you may not be as avid about nest-feathering as I was.

Steve Cotton said...

jj -- The best thing is the ability to keep writing. We shall see how it works out.

Bliss -- Thanks for the moral support. The money will be nice, but the writing aspect is even more interesting to me. Of course, you fully understand the difference between recreational writing (your blog) and compulsory deadline writing (your catalog). If I do not keep the position more than a year, it should work out for me.

Cory said...

Sounds like a good opportunity.

I ask, what were you doing up so early on a Saturday?

Steve Cotton said...

Cory -- You asked: "I ask, what were you doing up so early on a Saturday?"