Sunday, March 08, 2009

barra de dictator?

I occasionally check SiteMeter to see the hits on my blog. OK. I check it a couple times each day.

But some of the information is fascinating. I have no idea who is reading my blog, but SiteMeter lets me know the city and country where a computer is located when someone hits on my page.

It is almost like being in a very crowded singles bar and getting anonymous notes. Good for the ego, but you are still going home alone.

On Saturday morning, I had my first hit from Sudan. Now, Sudan was in the news earlier in the week when the International Criminal Court indicted Sudan's president, Omar al-Bashir, for "crimes against humanity."

I thought it was an interesting coincidence. And then I noticed that whoever in Sudan ended up looking at my page got there through a photograph of real estate listings in Barra de Navidad.

That raises the interesting possibility that President Omar al-Bashir will soon be sharing shrimp salad with the rest of us at Seamasters.

I will be sitting at another table.


Larry Lambert, Mazatlan said...

Hola Steve - I have to admit to a bit of fun each day checking who's been checking into my lady's site.

She's only had it up a few months now, and it's great to see the US contingent drop off to under 40 percent. The next biggest group is Mexico at 25 percent. The rest is from all over the world and from a variety of people. And she hears from many of them. I had no idea there were so many interesting people out there, from St. Petersburg to Brisbane to Aruba.

Nope, nobody from Sudan yet.


Jackie said...

I find it very interesting to see where people are located who find my blog. I have hits form Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Taiwan, France, Minsk and many other non-English speaking countries.

Steve said...

Larry and Jackie -- Checking on hits is one of my guilty pleasures. Of course, I know that most of the "hits" are simply coincidental -- showing up on someone's broad topic Google search. And those are the easy ones to spot. Their time on site is listed as "0:00." But how to describe the odd hits? Or the comments from the Middle East asking for more male swim suit photographs? Some things are better left unresearched.

Cynthia Johnson and Mike Nickell said...

I love singles bars! (Sorry Mike...) So I just added Sitemeter to my blog...just what I need - more distractions from finding employment...THANKS STEVE!

Steve said...

Cynthia -- Always happy to find new reasons not to work. After all, I am the guy who is abandoning the labor pool in a few short days.

Laurie said...

I am enjoying Google Analytics. I can check all kinds of fun stuff such as trends, key words, and where my traffic comes from. Interestingly about 10% of my traffic are referrals from your site. So, there!

Steve said...

Laurie -- Glad to be one of your rainmakers. You have a very interesting world-wide readership. I think it bounces back the other way, as well.