Sunday, March 29, 2009

fading thoughts at lunch

This weekend is turning out to be action-filled.

On Saturday, I spent the morning at the office working on several projects I need to get done before retiring on Tuesday. I suspect I am going to leave some things undone when I leave.

I then drove up to Portland to have a late lunch with friends from Olympia. The three of us attended law school together, and I would regularly stay with them when I would perform reserve duty at McChord AFB. And they would visit me almost as regularly when I lived in Milwaukie.

Seeing them again was a pleasure. As we reminisced, I realized how much of my own past will disappear when I cannot meet with them regularly. They remember bits I have forgotten -- almost entirely. But talking with them brought back a few.

Memory is odd. I cannot account for why I remember some things as if hey happened yesterday.

The stranger experience, though, is when friends start talking about events that I swear never occurred -- until they whip out the evidence, as in some cheesy Perry Mason courtroom drama.

A case in point. I met Bob and Hilary on a trip top Morocco in the 70s. We became fast friends. They eventually came to the States on a visit in the late 80s. We were sharing tales when Bob said he found it funny that I rode a camel in Morocco. Funny, I responded, but it never happened. He opened their photo album - and there I was: a scruffy faux Lawrence of Arabia.

Now, why would I forget that? Or clowning with Andrew Lloyd Webber? Or the name of the woman I dated In England who I was positive would be the next ex-Mrs. Cotton?

A fellow blogger recently noted that one difference we had was that I kept in contact with my network of friends. You can see why I do. Without them, I would wake up every morning with very little past. It certainly helps me to live in The Moment.

I am writing this late Saturday night. I have just finished researching and preparing my lesson for Sunday school tomorrow -- a day that will be as busy as Saturday was.

After Sunday school and church, a video student wanted to it down and talk about his life. The two of us have been having some very good conversations. And then, that evening, I will be having dinner with regular commenter Teresa, and fellow bloggers Cynthia and Mike.

My weekends are usually devoted to reading. But this has been a nice change. Friends are always welcome as I start my new life south of the border.


Calypso said...

"Now, why would I forget that?"

Brain cells can play funny tricks on a guy - don't expect this to get better with age ;-)

I being your senior can tell you this - or can I? I forget.

Babs said...

Wow! Tuesday isyour last day! I bet you're in "whirling dervish" mode........
Just remember about this time next month, you'll be in Mexico and we can ALL have a collective sigh of relief.

Tancho said...

I think this is going to be a challenge for you. I also expect chronicles of the journey, day by day so that I will follow your Grand Exodus. Scan your first Caseta receipt to prove to us all!
Buenos Suerte!

Jackie said...

Wow, Tuesday is the day! Seemed like years ago I started to read your blog and you were counting down the long days to retirement.

GlorV1 said...

How could you forget that you rode a camel??? That would be an experience once soon would not forget. Have a great week.

maria luz said...


I wish you all the happiness in the world in your new adventure. My prayer is that you find it the most stimulating and rewarding adventure of your life.

My husband retires in January of 2010, at age 55, after 23 years of government service with the DOJ. We shall, like you, beat feet for Mexico and we can hardly wait to blow this town.

Perhaps once you are on Mexico time your overtaxed brain will be able to unlock and you will have the time to find those forgotten memories once again.

Buena suerte, amigo.

maria luz

Steve Cotton said...

Calypso. ut it is getting better. I am starting to remember things that NEVER happened.

Babs -- I am busy, but emotionally calm. It seems to be just two more days n a regular work week. emember: I'm the guy with no emotions.

Constantino -- I am keeping the laptop out for ready access. I hope I can fine adequate WiFi availability on the trip.

Jackie -- Hard (and easy) for me to believe, as well.

Gloria -- There are many things I have ridden that I would just as soon forget.

Maria -- Thank you for the very nice wishes. I am taking some old photograpgs with me. Maybe they will unlock some memories -- and provide good blog fodder.

Cory said...

Tuesday is the day! Congratulations!

Steve Cotton said...

Thanks, Cory. It is almost here. Hard to believe.