Thursday, March 19, 2009

blogging in cancun

Great news from the blog front.

This was going to be my Wednesday post -- until I got ticked off at Congress and took a political swipe at its collective Hydra heads. And connected only with air.

And it is much better news. Rather than politicians who will never fail to let us down, we have some celebrating to do in Mexican and wannabe Mexican blogland.

CancunCanuck is not only a fellow blogger. She is a prolific blogger. In
A Canuck in Cancun, she writes about everything Mexican in her Cancun corner. Always opinionated. Always witty. Always informative.

Her work has now been recognized with a
2009 Weblog Award -- the Bloggies, in trade talk -- as "The Best Latin American Blog." An award well won.

From all of us, congratulations. Blog on!


Anonymous said...

Congress' desire to annul the AIG bonuses seems to exceed its desire to maintain the reputation of the United States as a place with rational, reliable laws and due process.

I can't see how annulling those bonuses won't do more harm to the USA than simply letting AIG pay out the $165 million, and just chalking it up to the costs of rescuing disgusting, but systemically important firms.

Next thing you know, those "evil" people will find better jobs, and the AIG mess will be even harder to clean up.

Disgusted in Boston,
Kim G
Where our disgust at the entire federal government grows daily.

Steve said...

Kim -- I would award you the Ludwig von Mises award if I had the power. Since I just made it up, I guess I have the power. THe award is yours.

I suspect the public is still so angry about the financial bailout that they are going to strike out at any apparent favoritism -- no matter what the law says. I fear that most of the givernmental intervention will simply lead to a worsening of the recession. And I may as well watch it from my beach.

CancunCanuck said...

Thanks so much Steve! (Darned Congress, bumping me again....) I appreciate the mention and the kind words. :)

Larry Lambert, Mazatlan said...

Yes, Steve, watch it from your beach. That's what we do and things look so sad up north and so good here. I can only shake my head in wonderment at the greed and selfishness I see up there. Yes, it's here too, but nothing on the scale that you're experiencing at the moment. The smartest thing I did for my heart, body and soul was to move south.


Steve said...

CancunCanuck -- All well deserved.

Steve said...

Larry -- I may not even watch it from the beach. Unless the dollar completely unravels, I will simply live my life wandering around Mexico. I cannot change the foolhardiness of politicians. So why worry?