Monday, March 16, 2009

tide and time wait

The universal quandry.

Waking up from a sound sleep, not being certain whether you just had a dream -- or whether you had an indescribable adventure. On the border between the world where everything is possible and the world where dreams die a silent death. That half-wakeful state where you want to return to the other side to get your visa stamped one more time.

I had one of those dreams this past week.

You all know how I have started to lust after the Hobie Mirage Adventure Island kayak. In the same sense that every six-year old wants a pony. I know that I will probably have to settle for a new mountain bike. But I have dreams of owning that kayak.

Or, more accurately had a dream. I think it was Friday night. Perhaps Saturday. I have been sleeping on the couch to let Jiggs's hips have some relief from climbing the stairs up to my bedroom. The bedroom where I maintain a comfortable bed -- far more comfortable than the lumpy leather couch in the library.

Lumpy though it is, I must have fallen into an adequately deep sleep that I had a dream -- starring me. Me in The Kayak. Gliding over the mirror-like waters of the bay in front of the Melaque house.

Everything was there. The breeze off of the sea. A full sail. The sweep of the bay. And me -- gliding along.

Then the breeze shifted to a string wind blowing from the land -- out to sea. And so was I. Tack. Pedal. Paddle. Nothing stopped the inexorable push toward the unlanded horizon.

As I swept past the rocks on the west end of the bay, I could almost -- almost -- reach out to grab one. But not quite. And soon the rocks, the beach, the bay were gone.

But I continued to glide across the water. Unimpeded by any worries. Any cares. Any clocks.

Now, some may interpret the dream as an ill omen. Buying the kayak means certain disaster. The Freudians would want to know if I was smoking a cigar.

As for me, the dream means one thing. I am ready to experience a free life in Mexico. Not a perfect one. But I am going to enjoy the opportunity to be as free as that kayak lost at sea.


glorv1 said...

Sounds like you are ready for anything and everything. You mentioned Jiggs hips, I hope he is not in to much pain. It saddens me to think of him in pain. Billie's doggie Taylor passed on and I feel so for her. She misses him a lot. Your dreams are nice and one day you will own a kayak. Don't let that dream pass you by. Take care.

Calypso said...

Hombre - you can always buy 1000' (300 meters in Mexico) of rope and tether that thing out to sea and see.

You will be OK. This is going to work - good dreams will become reality.

Anonymous said...

hi steve,

i didn't comment the first time you wrote about the kayak because i didn't want to sound pessimistic or discourage you, but now i will tell you my thoughts on it. it just seems to me that buying that kayak would be more trouble than it's worth. just getting it down to mexico would be quite a chore. then storing it and having to launch it, all would be pretty difficult wouldn't it? i don't know how heavy it is, but even if it's on the light side, it seems like you would need help maneuvering it around since it must be somewhat bulky. maybe you can just check out some of the different types of boats that they have down in mexico and if you still feel that you want it, you can buy it at another time. o.k. that's my 2 cents worth as they say.

have you picked out a restaurant for our dinner yet? i'll be staying at the red lion and hanging out with cynthia and mike in the afternoon or until you are available.

see you soon.

Steve said...

Gloria -- Jiggs has his ups and downs. I know he can get up the stairs because that is where I find him when I return from work. But it is a struggle for him. As soon as his vaccinations work through, I can get him another cortisone shot.

Calypso -- The kayak is quickly becoming a symbol -- of things I dream of, but leave behind.

Teresa -- Ther are plenty of practical problems associated with the kayak. There always are when you want something. I suspect a bike is in future, and no kayak. I thought the three of you wanted to go to a fish place on Sunday. I can do that.

Anonymous said...

yes, i love seafood. i'd forgotten that i mentioned that.

ciao for now.


norm said...

As the land cools when the sun goes down, the wind will shift landward and you will be home safe. Enjoy the ride. Buy the kayak. To live on the water and not have a boat is not right.

Bob said...

I own an AI and take it to Mexico regularly. Going down on Friday for a 5 night stay. Buy some beach wheels fron Roolez. Great boat, you'll love it!


Islagringo said...

Why not just buy one of those giant floating tricycles that you can paddle around on? They probably even have them to rent in Melaque, although I don't remember seeing any.

Steve said...

Teresa -- And I will put up with seafood for the pleasure of the comany of you, Cindy, and Mike.

Norm -- You are so correct. Not having access to a boat while living by the sea is just wrong. I will need to look at my options.

Bob -- Do you have any difficulty launching the AI in the surf? The break in front of the house where I will be staying is close to shore. As a result, the waves carry quite a punch.

Islagringo -- Speed. It is the difference between a sports car and a -- trike.