Sunday, November 06, 2011

that gnawing feeling

Rasping.  Periodic rasping.

There was no other word for it.  As if a pachyderm pedicurist had opened shop next door.

Not really an annoying sound.  Just regular.  And persistent.  Something was trying very hard to get at something.

It did not take long to find the culprit.  We call our surroundings a jungle here,  That is merely a high-falutin’ word for a lot of shrubs and trees.  But the wildlife in our trees are not hidden very well -- as you can see.

The culprit was a squirrel.  Probably, a Colima tree squirrel.  Intent on having a coconut lunch.

And he was well on his way to success.  Having gnawed away the husk, he was at what would be his next challenge -- the coconut shell.  The required accessory for every production of South Pacific.

Anyone who has ever tried to get a coconut to give up its milk or meat has to give this little critter a good deal of credit.  My neighbors use muscle and machete.  This guy is using enamel and a good deal of heart.

But it solves one mystery for me.  I regularly find empty coconuts with an odd hole in the top -- but empty inside.  The detritus of a squirrel cooking show, I guess.

My admiration only goes so far.  Coconut just happens to be on the list of things that I do not care to eat.  Something I inherited from my father.

As far as I am concerned, the squirrel is welcome to the lot.


Tafreeburn said...

wow-that is one determined little squirrel.  cute story-thanks for the smile. 

going out for my morning walk. it is so beautiful here at this time of year, warm days, cool nights, leaves starting to change-what more could i ask for?

have a great week!

teresa en nagoya

Steve Cotton said...

My goal is to make the smiles.

Mcotton said...

I enjoyed the picture and story of that little energetic guy.

Steve Cotton said...

And persistent.

Christine said...

Another great photograph. You really captured the action.

Jack Brock said...

Please keep that thing down your way.  Three years ago while on a walk in Cuastecomate I was brutally  attacked by a cousin of this monster leaving me with blood streaming down my right calf from bites and scratches. The only emotion you created for me was complete horror!

Steve Cotton said...

My relationship with squirrels is mixed. In Salem, the fuzzy devils managed to do $1500 worth of damage to my car engine by gnawing away the insulation and rubber fittings. As far as I was concerned, they were fair game for Jiggs, who was quite a rodent hunter.

Steve Cotton said...

I need to check his progress this morning.  Thanks.

Beth said...

I bought mom a fancy plastic container to store birdseed and then placed it on her patio so she could easily fill the bird feeder. Yesterday I caught a squirrel gnawing on the lid.  He had a good start on chewing through it. Those buggers are tenacious!

Steve Cotton said...

I keep saying I am going to check on how well the squirrel down here did on his coconut.  But I haven't.