Thursday, March 01, 2012

dim sum iii

This water man could have been delivering bottles of water in almost any Mexican neighborhood.

And there is a reason he is peddling his wares.  This sign was pasted on the bathroom mirror in our hotel room.

A lot of the architecture in Beijing is designed to reflect the modern image China so desperately wants to show the world.  (Wait until you see what Shanghai has to offer.)  This is a hotel.

Or evocative.  This building (with the IBM crest) is designed to look like a dragon.

This is another example of an aluminum shell turning a motorcycle into a small car.


Felipe Zapata said...

Odd. All that modernity, and they still can't deliver water to drink from the tap. I would have expected that in rural areas but not in the cities.

John Calypso said...

As Felipe suggests - very surprised about the lack pf potable drinking water there. I have never seen a three wheeled vehicle around Mexico delivering a truckload of water - ooks VERY iffy to me.

Steve Cotton said...

 I was a bit surprised, as well.  But Mexico still has trouble getting potable water delivered.  Just note the bottle water in every hotel I have stayed at in Mexico over the past few years.  Of course, that could simply be performance art for the tourists.

Steve Cotton said...

My favorite water-delivery system was a dad on a bicycle with his two kids returning from school while he held one of those jugs in his right hand.

Kim G said...

Air not for breathing either.

Kim G
Boston, MA
Where we also refuse to eat food from China too. No great fondness for melamine.

Steve Cotton said...

The first two days we were there, the air in Beijing was crystal clear -- and cold. As the weather warmed, the smog started to collect. The place stared looking like Mexico City.