Friday, December 23, 2016

making up with amazon

Even in Mexico, news cycles can be short.

Yesterday I told you about my unexpected travails with Amazon (up the amazon without a paddle). How Amazon seemed to be restricting deliveries to my Mexican address, but I could order the same item on Amazon Mexico for a slightly higher price and a much longer delivery window.

Well, it turns out all of that was computerized hype. Well, not all of it. Just the delivery window part.

When I ordered my HDMI cable on 16 December, I was told the order would arrive in 9 days. After paying, the delivery window widened to three weeks.

As it turned out, the delivery date was not that important. The day after I placed the order, my friend Lou Moodie came to my rescue with an adapter that allowed me to turn my regular HDMI cable into a mini data port cable.

No longer needing the cable, I canceled my order. Or I thought I had. After all, Amazon sent me an email confirming the cancellation. But that email turned out to be no better than the certificates signed by the Mexican president stating that the residents of Tenacatita owned their land.

How do I know? Yesterday my shiny new cable showed up at my post office box through the courtesy of a DHL courier. Not three weeks after my order. Not even 9 days. But a mere 6 days. That is almost as fast as some of my orders in The States.

So, once again, Amazon comes through with better service than anticipated. Marketers claim a retailer can thrive if they choose one of three attributes: better quality, lower prices, or improved customer service.

Amazon, of course, excels at customer service. Just like Nordstrom.

And that has reassured me. Ordering through Amazon Mexico is going to be my go to source in the future.

As long as I can find what I need there.


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