Wednesday, December 07, 2016

being superficial

I am still experimenting with the Surface.

But I now know it will be a great traveling tool.

We are breakfasting at Rooster's -- one of my favorite morning haunts. Or it was before I started my walking and revised dining routine. Restaurant breakfasts are simply no longer part of my life.

But my family is here, and today is the day Dora comes to the house to clean. So, we needed to do something else. Like eating strawberry waffles, eggs, fruit cup, and sausage muffin. I won't tell you which was mine.

In the summer time, the place is filled with middle class Mexican families enjoying the thrills of the beach. In the winter, it turns into a Canadian diner.

I come here to talk with the waiters. Whenever I test drive my Spanish, it helps to have an extremely critical audience to keep me from swerving into head-on traffic. In the process, I provide them with cheap amusement.

So, here I sit listening to Chubby Checker twist and shout.

Not a bad day to start the day with my family in Mexico.

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