Thursday, December 01, 2016

shades of gray

It is a gray morning.

Well, it was when I started writing this essay. The clouds that made the previous night's sunset memorable were still hanging around. But, since they had no rain to offer, they moved on.

But it was still a gray morning on my courtyard table.

On Tuesday, I made a quick trip to Manzanillo to get my tooth implant re-tightened. It has had a tendency to come loose.

While I was there, I stopped at Walmart and Sam's Club. I have known for months that my family was coming to stay with me. And, there I was four days before their arrival, and none of the bedrooms had yet been outfitted with the things that make a bedroom a bedroom. Sheets. Mattress pads. Pillows. Towels. Bath mats.

I have forgotten just how expensive it is to outfit a house. That load cost me just under $11,000 (Mx). The only saving grace is, with the current exchange rate, my cost was only about $535 (US) -- give or take a dollar or two. The downside of the exchange rate is that several pieces made their way down from The States -- and were selling at a premium in pesos.

I do not yet have everything I need for them. The usual accessories are missing. Soap dishes. Toothbrush holders. Water containers and glasses for the required bottled water. And, of course, flowers.

I will make a trip to Manzanillo today or tomorrow to fill out my requirements for their Saturday arrival. It feels good to finally start moving on turning this house into a home. My initial thought was that gray would be a great complement for the lines of the house. It turns out I was correct.

Now, on to the more difficult choices of finding furniture to complement the house's art collection.

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