Monday, July 24, 2017

hilary blows

Some stories come my way gift-wrapped.

That National Hurricane Center map is a perfect example. Take a look at the hurricane symbol off the west coast of Mexico.

Yup there is a hurricane named Hilary. OK. It is spelled with the usual spelling of one "l." But the story possibilities are legion.

And an acquaintance of mine in Barra de Navidad is already running with a list of them amongst her friends. My favorite was referring to her as the Tanya Harding of politics. Left Democrats have as little use for the defeated candidate as did -- well, a minority of voters.

But I am not going to join the cheap shot express. I was one of those voters who found nothing redeeming in the two major party candidates. And I have better things to do than rehash the past.

I can don my coat of noble rhetoric for one simple reason: Hilary is a non-story. In this case, I mean the hurricane. Even though she appears to be right in our neighborhood, Hilary, like most hurricanes in the eastern Pacific, is heading off toward Hawaii.

So, I will let her go in peace. As I will the Hillary with two "l"s.

Tomorrow I should have a health update on my leg.

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