Wednesday, July 12, 2017

getting carded

Meet Louise Lambiotte.

That is not her in the photograph.

No. I am wrong. It is her in the photograph. If an artist's work is who she is, then that is Louise.

And she is an artist -- the creator of exquisite greeting cards. Several years ago, "scrapbook" greeting cards became the rage. Some are quite clever. Others, as in all art, miss the mark.

Louise's cards are practically perfect in every way. And the proof is in the praise I receive from the people who receive them.

In many ways, I am an old-fashioned guy. Relationships matter a lot to me. Over the years, I have acquired friends and acquaintances on at least four continents. School chums. Air Force buddies. Fellow survivors of working for the same employer.

But friends are like gardens. They need tending. One of my methods to weed out relationship breaches is to keep in touch with birthday and anniversary cards. Signed, of course, with my fountain pen.

There are two challenges here in Mexico in my desire to keep in touch. The first is the mail system.

I am a regular user of the Mexican postal service. When I moved here eight years ago, letters going north or coming south took about 10 days to two weeks to arrive. A couple of years ago, mail headed south started taking far longer. I regularly receive late Christmas and birthday cards.

But there was a simple solution. At the first of each month, I check my list for two months out and send my cards off to Asia, Europe, South America, and North America with plenty of time to spare.

The second problem is a bit more problematic. Finding greeting cards in our little village is difficult. I used to resolve that problem by either bringing cards back with me when returning from one of my jaunts -- or I would order them through Amazon Mexico.

You may recall I found a local solution to my bare card box last year (moving to mexico -- staying in touch). Well, it was time once again to visit Louise to purchase more of her artistry.

And purchase I did. Birthday cards. Anniversary cards. Tools to hone the essence of friendship.

If you live anywhere near here and you need to purchase greeting cards, I suggest getting in touch with Louise. And, if you think you do not need any cards, take a look at her work. You will change your mind. Your friends will thank you.

I have just finished writing notes in my cards for September. They will be in the mail this afternoon.  So, Roy, David, Judy, Beth, Hillary, and Kimmie, you have something to look forward to.

And I look forward to knowing that I can share part of my life with good friends.

With best wishes, I am, as always,


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