Wednesday, September 01, 2010

blowin' in the wind

I miss the change of seasons in Mexico.

I have probably said that about a hundred times this past year.  Of course, if you have lived in Mexico, you know the statement is false.  Mexico has seasons.  Even in my tropical niche.  They just feel different.

Of course, what I mean is I miss the wide variations in temperature I grew up with in Oregon.

I was thinking about that on Tuesday evening as I sat in the hot tub reading.  The last two days have not been typical August days.  Overcast skies.  Some clearing.  Cooler temperatures.  And yesterday -- rain.

On my ride to work with a colleague, we talked about how summer seems to be ending about a month too soon.  Even Septembers in Oregon can be summery.  But not this year.  Even a few of the trees are starting to show fall colors.  Just highlights right now.  Like an aging beauty who needs a touch of color to liven up her do.

What caught my attention in the hot tub was the breeze.  It had been slight all day.  But, it switched from breeze to wind in seconds.  And from a different direction.  If I had been on a sail boat, the canvas would have filled and snapped.  An omen that change was in the air.

And change there is.  But I will hold off on that until tomorrow.

For now, I will simply note, like everything else in life, the seasons are changing.


Mike Nickell and Cynthia Johnson said...

Hi Steve - Yesterday was non-stop rain in Seattle so we stayed inside built a fire. But I see blue sky this morning. We're rooting for a HOT Sept and lots of sunshine. Our garden needs it and we're going to a Mariner game Friday night - no one wants to sit at Safeco Field with the roof shut!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful picture!!! did you take that? i like your comment about an old beauty who needs a touch up. not that i consider myself an old beauty, but it reminded me that people often tell me if i dyed my hair i would look 10 years younger. my reply, "i'm happy and healthy and don't care if i don't look young." i've earned every gray hair on this head ;-)

as far as weather, i think this has definitely been the weirdest summer in the 18 years we've lived in this area. it's either been too cool or too hot, very little in between. it poured all day yesterday and through the night but we woke up to sunshine today-thank God!!!

did you hear about the bridge that collapsed north of puerto vallarta? i read about it in one of the blogs. i looked it up online and read that they had about a month's worth of rain in one day. and i thought we got a lot yesterday.

take care and enjoy your hottub while you can. guess that's no something you need in mexico.


Anonymous said...

Still in the high eighties to low nineties here in southeast Michigan. One of the hottest summers I can remember...the last few days we've had low humidity (around 45%) which is unusual. I'm expecting a warm fall, but in Michigan, if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes.

Anonymous said...

Rainy not typical for August? You must be joking! It's fair time for crying out loud, and rain is the usual visitor at this time of year.

Sun at fair time is the exception.


NWexican said...

Dont blink it could be summer in Oregon again, for a moment anyhow..

Judi said...

Summer in the Sierra Nevada foothills has been exceptionally mild this year, with very few 100+ days and not even that many high 90's. Last weekend the temps got down into the low 70's with wind and cloudy skies.

I am predicting an early and long winter for us. Mark my words.

Steve Cotton said...

Mike and Cynthia -- It should be nicer this weekend.

Terea -- No. The phoptograph is no mine. But it is a great shot, isn't it? And I am glad you concur with my weather analysis. Not everyone (see ANM below) concurs.

ANM -- I suspect you have been setting under a gloom cloud again. Fair week has been sunny as long as I remember. But I think we had this same disagreement at lunch back in June.

NWexican -- I am holding out for that predicted hot weather this weekend -- to be followed by more cool weather.

Judi -- At least, I know I will have good winter weather in Mexico this winter. At least, I hope so.